Germany — Sep 24, 2017

Germany’s lackluster elections get a rude awakening

Merkel’s party has been expected to win by a landslide for months. But a far-right nationalist group is making its Bundestag debut, breaking long-standing taboos in Germany.

Germany — Jul 20, 2017

Introducing Europe to Date

I’m co-hosting a new podcast with an Australian journalist in Berlin to help explain the biggest issues facing Europe.

Travel — Jun 2, 2017

Clandestine Chinese in Lisbon

In a city awash with dining options, secret Chinese restaurants have become a favorite among students and tourists craving a break from Lisbon’s cheese boards and green wine.

IRPfellows — Feb 16, 2017

Rio’s Olympic legacy

I traveled to Rio to see the aftermath of the Olympics six months on. There had been high hopes that the international sporting event would provide an opportunity for the city to improve infrastructure and narrow the vast divide between rich and poor, but Rio 2016 has left a sordid legacy for many of the people who needed its help the most.

Travel — Aug 26, 2016

A Wee Walk along the West Highland Way

“Hiking teaches you patience” is a platitude used to expound the merits of long-distance walking, as well as a brazen rejection of advances in industry that have allowed us to escape the unhappy fate of our ancestors who were forced to travel grueling distances by foot.

Germany — Jul 22, 2016

Goodbye Blub

I’m inexplicably heartbroken to learn this morning that Blub – a vast abandoned swimming complex in Berlin – has gone up in flames. It was once a grand project featuring whirlpools, water slides, and multiple bathing areas, which created a labyrinth of old saunas, storage rooms, and changing booths ripe for exploration after its downfall.

Germany — Jul 19, 2016

Introducing: History on Tape

I’m proud to share a new project I’ve co-founded together with students at the Free and Humboldt Universities in Berlin. History on Tape is an interview series with a retro title, where we sit down with historians to talk about their recent work and force them to justify their research funding.

Germany — Feb 8, 2016

A short film called Roadtrip

Is there a German compound noun that conveys nostalgia for a city you haven’t left? Watching Roadtrip, a short animated film by Xaver Xylophon, made me pine for Berlin and its summer days.

Germany — Jan 27, 2016

Just another Monday in paradise

One of the benefits of living in the heart of Europe is the proximity of exotic travel destinations. Why not take a quick beach trip to one of many nearby islands? Why not to the closest of them all?

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