This week at Deutsche Welle TV

Until now I’ve been working in the Fremdsprache newsroom with a bunch of Brits, Australians, and the occasional American to produce DW-TV’s English-language show, The Journal. This week I visited their parliamentary studio, where they cover politics in Deutsch, and attended my first German press conference in the hall downstairs.

pressPictured: Federal Minister for Labour and Social Affairs Andrea Nahles (L), Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (C), and some other guy (R) speak about Romanian immigration.

I also followed one of the political analysts on a shoot in front of the Chancellery, where he reported on the Western Balkans conference hosted by Angela Merkel yesterday and the Russian-backed rebel incursion into Ukraine. The sound and camera guys were posted up in World Cup champion chairs enjoying the sun and eating pastries between takes. A dream job now, but when winter arrives they’ll be bundled up in the truck drinking tea and loathing life.

DWTVUnsure what he wants, but you can tell I am being very helpful.


Clearly staged for the benefit of Burns Fellowship sponsors. Does standing on my toes give it away?

Broadcast is a whole different beast from online/print. The writing would make an editor shudder, but the pace of the endeavor is thrilling. The talented staff at Deutsche Welle are all incredibly professional under pressure, often in several languages and at last-minute’s notice.