Germany — Mar 4, 2015

Schrippen Skandal

There’s a bread war in Berlin, according to Tuesday’s front page of The Berliner Kurier. Their feature goes on to explain that this baker is taking a stance against crummy, er… poor quality bread. He’s standing up to fraudulent baking establishments where the proprietors don’t even hand knead the dough.


This is war!

To be fair, apparently “bread master” is a protected status in Germany; they certainly don’t take the craft lightly. Even at my favorite metro-stop franchise, Le Crobag — which I love for more than having a French bastardization of a name — the rolls sitting under artificial lights in major public thoroughfares are crisp and airy. And with infographics like this, who’s to argue?


Roughly: Irregular texture indicates the work of a true Bäckermeister.

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