‘Refugees Welcome!’ is more than a slogan in Berlin

Germany receives more asylum applications than any other country in the EU, and there is a real sense of solidarity among some Berliners for those who have fled their home countries. In certain neighborhoods one will see “Refugees Welcome!” and “Nobody is illegal” in shop windows and graffitied on walls. Here’s an excerpt from my story for Reuters. (Click here for full article.)

“I don’t want people to see all this,” says 22-year-old Ibrahim, gesturing toward an information stand in Oranienplatz with flyers, flags and slogans in support of refugees. He says he doesn’t like the attention — or sympathy — from passersby.

Like many of the men at Oranienplatz, Ibrahim came to Germany from the West African country Niger by way of Italy and Libya, where he worked at a supermarket. Ibrahim says he camped at Oranienplatz for three months before the government forced him to move. Now he sleeps in an abandoned building.